Wednesday, 31 October, 2018
Pieces of the Funding Puzzle – Sustainable Funding

Last week, Breaking Bread launched our latest fundraising initiative – Pieces of the Funding Puzzle. The idea is to try and get as many business and individuals to pledge a monthly amount to Breaking Bread. It's all about getting lots of people involved with affordable amounts, rather than looking for a single or a few sponsors for large amounts. It's still our intention to seek more significant levels of funding, but for now, it's all about survival. This initiative will help us create a sustainable level of funding, so we can continue working in our community.


The Power of Many Can Create Sustainable Funding –

As far as organisations go, we're relatively new to the world of non-profits. We all have previous experience from working and volunteering with NPOs and other organisations, but this is our first time at running one. And from our personal experiences and that of our peer organisations, it's clear that funding is something that everyone struggles with.

Previously, the Breaking Bread team have run several crowdfunding campaigns via Backabuddy, and we have also been fortunate to receive donations from volunteers and interns that work with us. To date, this has been our sole means of funding, and we're ridiculously blessed to have some an amazing group of family, friends, and a broader community that supports our organisation.

However, to make progress as an organisation, it's time to move past our previous fundraising routine to try something new. This doesn't mean we won't be undertaking crowdfunding campaigns in the future, but it's essential that we concentrate on finding a sustainable funding solution to our monthly overheads.

The idea is to try and get as many businesses and people to sign up for this initiative as possible. There is no minimum or maximum amount. Although it should be something, you or your company won't miss going out every month. As a collective, these small donations would be enough for us to continue our work in the community.

Our current running costs are detailed on our website – but it's approximately R 4, 500 every month. With us, everything is transparent. You'll find our annual financials are available and we always show where our funds are spent.


What We Offer in Return for Your Pledge –

We're not looking for handouts – we believe that your monthly donation should receive a service in return. That's why we offer 18A certificates, written recommendations, and other publicity and related opportunities for your business. These return services aren't rigid – we can work out if there are alternative options when we discuss the details of this initiative with you.

Every business is expected to give back to charitable or community organisations. Larger companies adhere to the corporate social responsibility guidance. However, it can be tricky to begin working with organisations if you haven't done so before. That's another aspect of how our initiative can assist your company. It's affordable, and we will guide you through the process.

Our director Martyn is a copywriter and will happily tailor your recommendation to your needs. A written recommendation on your resume and LinkedIn page will raise your profile for potential new employers or business partners. We're also aiming to create a new page on our website where we will have all our sponsors logos.


Breaking Bread – Are You the Missing Piece of Our Funding Puzzle?

Although we're a relatively new organisation, we're already doing great work in Salt River and Observatory. Our Feeding Programme caters for fifty people every morning and afternoon, five days a week. As we grow and find our own building, we aim to implement our process model, so we can cater for more homeless people, as well as undertake an Afterschool Programme for the local children.

Your monthly pledge will help us maintain our current programmes while we work hard behind the scenes with written proposals. It's a win-win for you and our organisation. We receive a sustainable level of funding for our current needs, and we will provide vital tax clearance and written testimonials for helping us providing necessary services.

Breaking Bread will continue to be a positive participant in the drive for a more equal society. We aim to uplift and empower the people we work with to better themselves, which having a helping hand through their journey. And that all starts with a warm meal, every day.

If you would like more information about our initiative, please contact us today. Alternatively, please follow the links to find out how to donate to our organisation.


How to Donate to Breaking Bread –

1 – Donate to us via a direct debit

2 – Donate to us via our Backabuddy page

3 – Donate items to us at our address

This link will take you to our website’s donation page. You will find our bank details and the link to our Backabuddy page there.

If you have any questions regarding the best way to donate to us, please contact us or Martyn directly and we’ll walk you through the process.

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