Programmes and Projects

Feeding Programme

One of our primary focus areas is to provide regular meals for the most vulnerable people in our community, as well as being there to assist them when they need services, such as healthcare, advice on government and official identification documents, and various other services available in the area.

We coordinate our Feeding Programme with other NPOs and organisations in the immediate area to make sure we aren’t providing the same service.

Our co-director Sheradia oversees all the cooking and feeding and is the lead person that volunteers and interns report to and work with during their time with Breaking Bread.

Feeding Schedule


Breakfast & Dinner


Breakfast & Dinner








Soup Sessions

Children's Programme

Our co-director CJ initiated and ran an Afterschool Programme when she worked with another organisation in 2016 in Salt River. She got to know all the local children, and when we noticed that this service had ceased, we decided it would be one of our goals to revamp the programme.

Afterschool Programme

Holiday Programme

We run an Afterschool Programme, as well as a Holiday Programme in June and July and other school holidays. Every year we hold Christmas and Easter events for the children, and this year we held an Easter Egg Hunt event in Salt River.

Creating a sustainable and positive space for the children in Salt River and Observatory is something we want to improve and grow. When we secure a permanent premises, we will hold Afterschool homework sessions to assist with the children’s schoolwork.

Proposed Projects

Soup Kitchen – serving at least one meal, twice a day, five-times a week

Lockers for the homeless people to keep their possessions in

Shower and ablution facilities for the homeless to use

Soup Sessions Fridays – continue to host out event with more live entertainment

Skills training workshops for the homeless people, for men and women

Afterschool Programme - homework and study skills

SME and start-up ventures for the homeless people

Access to a social worker to assess everyone’s needs

Access to medical care through organisations and clinics in the area

Access to substance abuse programmes