Being Homeless

Being homeless isn’t just about a lack of adequate housing; it’s a stigma that dehumanizes and leaves people in situations where they are stuck in repetitive cycles with little to no assistance. We have put together a list of some of the issues the vulnerable adults that we work with face daily, and is by no means exhaustive:

No access to healthcare or basic hygiene facilities

Increased risk of health issues due to exposure and poor living spaces

Higher risk of dependence of alcohol and/or drugs

Increased risk of rape and domestic abuse for women

Risk of damage to property of confiscation by the CCID and/or Police

Loss of self-esteem and hope

A lack of a voice and issues with identity and self-worth/value

No storage/locker space to keep possessions safe

No financial stability

Heightened risk of mental health issues and lack of access to psychiatric care

Increased risk of violence from public and authorities

Defamation of character and false accusations of crimes without evidence

Lack of skills training and opportunities for employment