Friday, 18 October, 2019
How to Become a Breaking Bread Backabuddy Champion

Breaking Bread Community Development was first registered as an NPO in November 2016.  And since that official launch date, Breaking Bread has been self-financing our operation by creating online fundraising campaigns, via private donors, small businesses and events. And we always use our friends at Backabuddy for our online crowdfunding campaigns. 

This blog aims to give our followers some background information on Backabuddy, our relationship with them, and also how you can become our Backabuddy Champion. Additionally, we hope that you'll also be able to use the information if you want to raise money for your own causes. 


Backabuddy and Breaking Bread – a Winning Combination –

Backabuddy is a crowdfunding platform that's specifically for NPOs and charitable causes. Unlike other providers, the fee deducted is much lower than a typical fundraising platform. The interface is relatively easy to navigate, and their staff are always accommodating. You can visit Breaking Bread's Backabuddy page here

Our very first donation was made on the 10/01/2017, and since then, we've used Backabuddy exclusively for our fundraising efforts. We find that it's the easiest way for people to donate to us via its payment portal. We can create events whenever we need to, and more importantly, it's possible to become a Backabuddy Champion for our NPO. To date, we've raised R 96, 310.92 which has been used for our operational costs. You can see our very first Backabuddy campaign here.


What Is a Backabuddy Champion? –

Another unique aspect of the Backabuddy platform is the ability of any person or group to create their campaign on behalf of any NPO, organisation or person. As long as it's for a good cause, there are no limitations on who you can fundraise for. 

Here is some information on the process in steps: 

You can see the full instructions for how to become a Backabuddy Champion here

And this is the page where you can register to become a Champion. 

You will complete your details, email, password, etc. And once you've done that, the next step is to create your page name, fundraising target, and page's description. 

Once you've completed this section, underneath, you'll see a menu tab where you can select a charity.

You'll then be automatically redirected to a sub-page where you'll type in Breaking Bread Community Development. 

Once you have confirmed that we're the NPO, you wish to champion, press select, and you return to the registration page. 

From here, all you need to do is press 'submit', and you should be a full registered Backabuddy Champion for Breaking Bread Community Development.


Breaking Bread – Here to Support our Champions –

Although you need to create your own Backabuddy Champion account and event, it's our responsibility to assist wherever we can. If you need any information about our organisation, just let me know, and I'll supply it straight away.

We're a fully registered NPO which includes a PBO reference.

We are currently in the process of putting together a Backabuddy Champion package, which you will be entitled to. We're still brainstorming ideas for this, but one of the aspects that I want to include is an official acknowledgement of your role as a Backabuddy Champion.

You can use this on your CV and for future job applications. If you have a LinkedIn profile, one of our team will happily write a testimonial on your behalf. We will send you a personalised thank you, which will include a certificate for your hard work and participation as a Champion.


Start Your Own Campaign & That's All for Now –

I hope that this information in this blog has given you some useful background on Backabuddy, why we use their platform, and how you can become a Breaking Break Backabuddy Champion. If you have a sporting event of you want to raise some money, please consider linking it to us via the Backabuddy Champion setup. 

Similarly, the information in this blog should provide you with enough information to start your charitable causes fundraising campaign. After all, we're all part of the same drive to create a more equal society, and I/we are happy to do our part to help others who are doing their part. 

If you would like to become a Breaking Bread Backabuddy Champion, please let us know, and we'll assist you on your journey. 

Martyn Armstrong


Breaking Bread Community Development 

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